A great opportunity....


Mikesalter, Thornton le Moor, United Kingdom

"An opportunity to see a variety of spp. within a managed environment"

We visited here for a morning in march 2014. This is a relatively small attraction where 4 hectares have been allowed to return to rain Forrest habitat and animals have been encouraged to return however we were told none had been introduced with the exception of butterflies which were effectively farmed.

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Our guide had an excellent grasp of the site and was able to show us two and three toed sloths, caymen, a bat, a red eyed tree frog and a poised dart frog along with a number of lizards and agouti. Although this was a managed environment the animals didn't seem to bother and their behaviour suggested this was a wild home as far as they were concerned. the guides skill was demonstrated when we roamed free after our guided tour and saw virtually nothing even though we had a rough idea where they were.

Overall worth visiting and a good experience.