Environmental Education


Since the creation of the organization we have placed special emphasis on environmental education and for the past 4 years we have actively collaborated with the Ecological Blue Flag Program of La Fortuna. This program works in 23 primary schools and secondary schools in the area, with staff of tourism enterprises, with housewives and farmers, making conservation messages reach more than 4,000 persons during the year. Campaigns have been implemented on the non-use plastic bags, by making cloth bags with the message "THE PRESENT AND OUR FUTURE, LET U.S. SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS", offer courses composting, recycling, development of nurseries of trees, installation of organic home gardens, installation of biogas digesters, are conducted ecological walks through our facilities, planting trees, cleaning of rounds and rivers and all the activities we do are mainly aimed at protecting the water resource. Note that when receiving donations, these are used STRICTLY for tree production activities and environmental education and always give the donor a detailed report with photographs, signatures, certificates and beneficiary assessments on the activities that took out.



Ecocentro Danaus carries out environmental education activities in schools, colleges, businesses and the wider community as part of the activities carried out for obtaining the Ecological Blue Flag La Fortuna (For 4 consecutive years the Center was the main driver of this committee). In March 2011 Danaus Ecocentro receives award by the Blue Flag committee, with two stars in the category of Protected Natural Area and continues today to develop activities of conservation and environmental protection which led to obtaining this award.