This is an area of 3 hectares in natural regeneration accessible trails for all types of people. In the trails is possible to appreciate the diversity of wildlife and tropical plants native from the area, including highlights heliconia, orchids and palms. During the tour you can see the two-and three toed sloth, Guatusas, large numbers of birds (There are more than 150 different species) basilisks, iguanas, insects, poisonous red frog, among others.  Additionally it has a butterfly farm-bred, with a special site for the display of larvae, pupae and eggs. We reproduce some 30 different species of butterflies and it is one of the most interesting sites by visitors. In the middle of the property we have a lake that is natural habitat for many species of animals among which highlights the Chocuaco (Boat-billed Heron), the red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas) and the caiman (Caiman cocodilus) among others. The medicinal plant garden is another attraction. To date we have over 60 different species of medicinal plants labeled.











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